Climb to new heights with this incredible innovative training experience. An all-round versatile bit of kit, tailored for individual needs and ready to offer you an interactive workout.

So how is the Climb different from a Stepper?

Lower steps and supportive side bars - Making it easier to jump on and get started, especially if you're recovering from an injury or you're trying this piece of equipment for the first time.

Easy pause - Fancy a breather mid flow, that's normal we all get to that point, the really unique climb feature enables you to easily re-position your feet to the side, giving you the opportunity to rediscover your composure without having to panic or break stride - Simple but effective. 

No Toe Pinching - Unlike with other traditonal steppers and climbers, the Climb really does include all the detail, there's no chance of getting your toes pinched as the steps move round, and if for any reason you need to halt your workout mid step when your feet end up at the bottom of the climb it will automatically stop rotating the steps.

Step variations - Why should your Climb workout mean stepping up constantly in the same direction? It doesn't anymore, you can climb sidewards, peform cross over routines, jump two steps at a time or just increase your stride length, the Climb is so adaptable and flexible in being able to meet your needs. 

Stairs Game - We all experience lulls in motivation, that's natural and the gym should never feel like a chore. That's why we highly recommend, 'Stairs' one of our favourite interactive games on the gym floor. You can challenge a friend, family member or fellow gym goer to turn your cardio workout into a challenge or if you want to finish or start your session with a burst of energy. 

 Ask a Wellness Coach how to get started on the Climb today!