Group Cycle


Experience the thrill of outdoor cycling within the settings of the great indoors and take your workouts to the next level. 

How do Group Cycle bikes differ from your normal gym bikes? 

  • Mutiple Handles - Ride in comfort with mutiple handle positioning available to suit all heights and arm lengths.
  • Data is power - Get all the data you need with a clear LED screen display that feeds back on your performance. Struggling to understand the data? Our expert Wellness Coaches are on hand to explain all and help you achieve your goals.
  • Clear Resistance Levels (Up to 20) - You can easily make small adjustments through your ride to increase or lower intensity, so that you're working at a level that suits your individual training goal.
  • Track your heart rate - Group Cycle offers the ability to track your heart rate throughout the ride, so you can really analyse the improvements you're making on your cardiovascular fitness, this will also provide you with some really valuable data around how you can adapt the rest of your workouts and exercises to achieve your goals. 

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