Welcome to the future of fitness with Omnia, an innovative and ground breaking design from our good friends at Technogym. On first look Omnia might seem overwhelming and intimidating, but once you break it down and understand it's benefits we're sure it will soon become one of your favourite areas within the gym. 

So why should you give Omnia a go? 

  • Workout in a small group - Do you get bored working out on your own or do you lack motivation? Omnia replicates the great energy and atmosphere that many of our customers experience within a group exercise format, but now available on the gym floor.  
  • Constant variety - No workout is ever the same, with thousands of variations and adaptations you'll have the opportunity to try new exercises you probably never knew existed. Great to keep you're body guessing but also to free up the mind. 
  • All abilitiesThe beauty of Omnia is that it can meet your goals whatever your current ability levels, whether you're returning from illness or injury and you're on a rehabilitation programme, or you're an athlete working on reaching the top of your game - Exercise really can be adapted for everyone. 
  • Structured programmes - Omnia can easily be incorporated into your existing programme to help you achieve your goals, it also enables 16 people to be working around it at anyone time so there's no concerns about you having to wait around to complete an exercise. 
  • Functional Training - Omnia supports the ability to be able to move the body how it was originally designed to move, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of every single workout so you really know what you're doing is helping you towards achieving your goal, whilst making everyday physical tasks easier.

Simply ask one of our experienced Wellness Coaches how you can incorporate Omnia into your existing programme.

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