Pure Strength

The plate loaded Pure Strength equipment provides you with a comfortable and safe environment to increase your strength, whether that's for improving your sports performance, your body shape or you're simply returning from illness or injury and you want to gradually build back up to where you were before.

What's the difference between Pure Strength and the other resistance/weight machines?

  • Bodyprint features - Quite often resistance or strength training equipment isn't the most comfortable, the Bodyprint feature moulds to your bodyshape to provide you with ultimate comfort and stability so you can focus on the work in hand. 
  • Maximum Muscle Activation - Each piece of Pure Strength equipment focuses on the major muscle groups, assisting in activating as many muscles as possible in one movement, meaning you'll be getting the most out of every single workout. As the saying goes work smarter not harder. 
  • Visual Guides - Each piece of equipment clearly shows you how to get started with clear visual aids, highlighting where adjustments might need to be made and what muscle groups you'll be working as part of the exercise. Of course anytime you're in one of our facilities a friendly and motivating Wellness Coach will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about using the equipment or getting more from your workouts. 

Speak to your Wellness Coach today to incorporate Pure Strength into your training programme.