Once upon a time it was thought the the world was flat, but that take on the world has changed and so have treadmills. Say hello to the Skillmill! The world's first curved and most efficient treadmill designed to give your workout a unique experience. 

So why try the SkillMill?

  • No motor - Makes the Skillmill one of the greenest and most energy efficient bit of gym equipment there is. You're also in complete control, as the Skillmill is purely powered by the energy you provide whilst walking, running, sprinting or performing a wide range of sports specific movements. Whilst the SkillMill can look quite intimidating, it's actually safer that your traditional treadmill as when you slow down it immeaditely follows and there's no need to panic trying to hit every button for it to stop. 
  • Dual Handle Bars - The long supportive dual handle bars makes the SkillMill suitable for all heights and arm lengths, it also makes it a little easier to jump on and get started.
  • Flexible Resistance -If toning your muscles is your goal, then the ability to increase and lower your resistance easily will be music to your ears.
  • Train For Power & Strength - Whilst traditionally treadmills have targeted users predominantly seeking to improve their cardiovascular fitness, the SkillMill is suitable for all training types including those individuals wanting to increase leg strength and power, and we can even be really creative to work on strength and power in the upper body.
  • Incoporate with other exercise - The non-motorised part aspect of the SkillMill makes it especially easy to incoporate into your existing workouts such as a circuits session, personal training or a HIIT session - Great, if you're like us and you're always wanting to try new things. 
  • Sports Specific Training - By working on your core physical skills you will quickly extend your ability to perform, gaining power, speed, endurance and agility. HIIT training on the SkillMill is an effective way to achieve maximum fitness, burn fat and build endurance.