Designed and engineered under the expert guidance of ex Olympic Champion Rower Scott Durrant. The most realistic on water rowing experience (Outside of the water), the SkillRow is the first rower of its kind to provide an interactive connected experience, where you're able to re-create the Oxford Vs Cambridge boat race by challenging your friends or family members to a race on the big screen. 

We are delighted to be able to bring the SkillRow to the heart of Chard. As a member of 1610 Chard you'll really benefit from the Skillrow's unique features such as:

  • More comfortable positioning and adjustments - The handles are now positioned within easy reach, enabling you to take control from a comfortable seated position that removes any strain from your lower back, where previously you would have been reaching down.
  • Intelligent water simulation - The Aqua Feel technology really makes you feel like you're rowing on water. 
  • Connected rowing experience - Watch your avatar on the big screen as you row against your friends, family or the computer, all of which helps to take your mind of the rowing and delivers some instant extra motivation.
  • SkillRow app - Get instant feedback on your rowing performance down to every single stroke, and see where your strengths and weakness lie in your rowing technique - All of which can be supported and expert advice given by one of our Wellness Coaches.
  • Body power - Whilst rowing has traditionally focused on improving your cardiovascular fitness (How effective your lungs and heart work collaboratively) the SkillRow really is unique as it enables you to perform a full body workout through its innovative power technology so you can also work on improving your strength and your power in your upper body, making the SkillRow the perfect rower for all types of training and workouts.