Welcome to the new and fun interactive way to workout. Teambeats is one of the first workouts of its kind, combining variety, fun and efficiency into one single workout. 

We recommend giving Teambeats a go if you're wanting to:

  • Increase your fitness levels with accurate heart rate monitoring to give you a better understanding of your hearts efficiency and how it can support you to achieve your ultimate goal.
  • Music lover - Then you'll love the fact you can workout to the beat with every Teambeats workout. 
  • Workout in a small group - The energy of a group exercise class, but in the form of a more personalised coaching session, with one of our experienced coaches guiding you every step and push of the way. 
  • Get instant feedback - The unique experience of Teambeats is that you can receive instant feedback on your performance during the workout, as your heart rate is displayed on the screen your coach for the session will be able to talk you through where your heart rate should ideally be positioned throughout the workout. You'll then get to view your full performance via the MyWellness App and can also compare it to previous workouts to hopefully see that you're making improvements. 

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